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A little aluminum vs. sterling experiment

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I did a little experiment a couple of days ago in my own facebook  and a metalsmithing group I belong to that is also in facebook .

My posting there asked the question ” which is which ? ”  What guitar pick is made of sterling and what is the aluminum . Just by looking at a picture . When I did the math about 76% percent picked the wrong metal – by the way the left guitar pick is aluminum the right is sterling .

Now why do this experiment at all and what did I want to gather with it ? My point was that when you buy online not everything you see that is silver is in fact sterling silver . If the price is too good to be true it most likely is . I have seen websites offer sterling silver rings and other jewelry for the fraction of what it would cost someone to buy from me or any other metalsmith .

When you shop online you cannot feel and smell the metal – aluminum feels very different from sterling as does steel or some other silver looking metals .

Even looking at the little stamp 925 ( mostly inside the jewelry or on the back ) does not guarantee that what you get is in fact the real deal .

So when buying online be careful out there . Again – if the price is too good to be true – it might very well be …. 🙂





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