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New Guitar Wall Hangers

2017 was a year spent filling wholesale orders and not meeting our creative expectations for listing a new item at least once a week, blogging, or working on the websites. As the Christmas Markets are now behind us and the orders from the biggest buying days such as Cyber Monday are well on their way to good boys and girls everywhere, we are finally able to launch a few new guitar wall hangers.


Our first new design is this howling coyote in cherry wood

For someone looking to keep the design a bit more traditional, we also decided to use a router to create a round disc version of the coyote howling at the moon

Coyote Howling at the Moon Disc Guitar Wall Hanger

Our final new design is in keeping with our musical theme, An 8th Note Guitar Wall Hanger

So far, the cut out hand-sawed Coyote Howling at the Moon Hanger has been the most popular. Coming from the metal-smithing background and the ability to cut extremely fine pieces with a number 1 blade, one might think the basic eye-saw coordinates would translate easily from metalworking to woodworking, however making the jump is far more difficult than we anticipated at the beginning of this project.

Our Metal Fret Saw working double overtime this Christmas

Our goal is create at least 25 popular designs and then offer a custom order option for customers to request their own unique designs. Currently, these wall hangers are offered for sale on our NiciArt website, Etsy, and of course, Nici’s Picks.

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