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Latest Wooden Guitar Wall Hangers for Father’s Day

With orders eclipsing previous years sales, Spring 2017 has left little time for creating and has been more an exercising in paddling a kayak upstream during during heavy snow melt, however as a last minute surprise, we are proud to release two more wall hanger designs just in time for Father’s Day.

Our first new design features a Paw Print routed into a Cherry Wood 8 inch disc using a wood router set to 3/8 inch depth. Following a basic template, we were able to create a Paw Design similar to our shadow box pendant.

Sterling Silver Paw Pendant with Shadow Box
Handmade Wooden Paw Guitar Wall Hanger with Swing String Padded Cradle and Tung Oil Finish

Although we are quite happy with this Wooden Paw Guitar Hanger, revisions and options may include other woods such as oak, pine, hickory, and even mahogany for subsequent models and releases as cherry wood requires intense sanding to remove the burn marks from the router producing heat in such a hardwood. Burning aside, cherry balances a rich reddish hue with a striking grain pattern while offering the top quality of a hardwood, which leaves cherry as our top contender for these wall hangers.


Our second new design also borrows inspiration for one of our best selling jewelry pieces, a sterling silver Yin Yang couples necklace:

Sterling Silver Yin Yang Couples Necklace


This Yin Yang Guitar Holder was planned out on Inkscape which is essentially an open source Adobe Illustrator clone, however when sending the template to the printer we ended up with an inverted mirror image, so our first Yin Yang Wall Hanger is actually a mirror images of pieces we will be shipping to customers.

Template Image for Yin Yang Guitar Holder


Not only did we produce a two tone colour scheme, but also routed out the Yin thereby leaving the Yang slightly elevated for additional geometrical contrast to emphasize our three dimensional design.

Currently we have few new designs in the works this week including a coyote howling, half moon, and cactus. Our previous peace sign holder that we revealed back in March struggled to gain traction in Pinterest and social media as politics dominated the discussion, however as April ushered in Spring Fever and social media audiences began to grow weary of the constant Trump debates, our Peace Sign Wall Hanger realized steady sales in the second half of April and throughout early May. Both the Yin Yang and Paw Holders are now listed on Nici’s Picks, NiciArt, and Etsy just in time for Father’s Day.


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