Nici’s Picks Markets to your Thumbs

With our Nici’s Picks site ready to celebrate its first Birthday, we have decided to expand the line-up to include: more guitar pick jewelry, slides, and thumb picks. Our first thumb pick: You Rock My World Bronze Thumb Pick with Music Note


rocks out in bronze and features both a music note and you rock my world. For the guitar pick, we decided on 3/4 in by 3/4 in and 20 gauge bronze to offer the best flexibility as well as allowing for easy adjustment of the band.

The second pick in the new collection is the classic: I Pick you in Bronze Thumb Pick


Here, we took one of our most popular phrases and metals and combined them with our latest design.

Of course, no collection is complete without a You Rock


in brass. All our thumb picks are available in brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, and sterling silver. Stainless steel ends up being too sharp, uncomfortable, and doesn’t hold the shape nearly as well as the other metals. As you can probably tell, we really don’t have any fond feelings towards stainless steel or steel guitar picks, although I am a huge fan of steel guitar especially in the hands of a master such as Steve Howe from Yes. Steel pick though do not capture any elements of that steel guitar sound and always sound muted to my ears. My test guitar is a Tanglewood with Darkstar Pick Ups, Tremolo, and sounds a bit like a Judas Priest cover band, covering early 90’s Ride or perhaps Swervedriver after a few hits and a gallon of foam, so perhaps I need to give

The final pick in the collection is our other classic phrase You Tune Me On


For the new collection, I created a featured collection in the Shopify Supply Theme:


Having tested 20 stock Shopify themes as well as purchasing several paid “professional” add-on themes, I can safely say at this point, there is no better theme I like more for Nici’s Picks than the Supply Theme. As an online shopper, I can’t stand Flash Videos, endless featured product pop-ups, pop-up menus where you mouse over and have to carefully coordinate you clicks, or any other website acrobatics. Etsy considers their website “an experience” while my philosophy is direct and to the point; shoppers want to find their products, check out, and receive their “shit” in the most timely uncomplicated manner possible.

With these new picks, comes perhaps new inspiration to attend the NAMM Show in Los Angeles, CA in Jan 2017. Hopefully by the end of the weekend, we will be able to announce our intention to attend if there is still space available.



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