Nici’s Picks Goes to the NAMM Music Tradeshow

Exceeding our wildest dreams, Nici’s Picks was in full swing for Father’s Day delivering a good mix of custom and stock orders. As the dust settles, we turn our attention to the NAMM Tradeshow in Nashville, TN. Unfortunately, having been broadsided with tsunamis of orders on all of our sites, the shining star of show, Nici Laskin is absent and replaced by the by the folks Ron and Carol Laskin making Nici’s Picks a true family business.


Booth 1611 open this morning for business at 10:00am and our modest little display has been attracting curious attention as NAMM’s smallest venue.

A big thanks to Maliana@ You’re On Film for tweeting a photo of a few of tiny picks on that giant table. Be sure to check out her coverage of NAMM ClpXNK0VEAA8i57

Feeling left out of the show, I’m already eyeing NAMM 2017 in Anaheim, CA and this time my plans would be to go all out with an incredible display of music jewelry, guitar picks, and some of my favourite pieces. Rocking out your own business sounds like fun and so many people have this glorious vision of working from home, but truth be told, there is no last one out of the office on a Friday shutting off the lights. Instead, there’s cranking up the lights and grabbing a coffee for the night shift. If nothing else comes of NAMM, we are seriously looking into hired help as an absolute necessity heading into the holiday season.



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