Carol goes Impressionistic

As we focus on maintaining our catch all shops in Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, and of course NiciArt , while also creating our new speciality shops such as Nici’s Picks for branding, brand identity, and building-up our individual product lines, Carol Laskin is transforming her retirement into an exploration of the blurry world of Impressionism. Here’s her latest piece:


What struck me are the memories of those green tones from the rich Copper Sulfate laden cobblestones and spending two weeks with my folks touring every walled city in Tuscany, Italy. A simple split second decision to stay an extra week and catch a train to Germany would eventually become a 3 year adventure in Germany. Looking back with nostalgia and utter amazement, I still can hardly believe, had I taken that flight home with them 3 days later, this blog, NiciArt, the cross country trips, and all the adventures with Nici never would have taken place. I would most likely be 85 lbs overweight, working my butt off in some cubical on the 33rd floor of an office tower in lower Manhattan to live in a New York suburb, and sunning myself under the glow of buzzing fluorescent lights and white washed ceiling tiles as the general breeze of the air conditioning provides a gentle breeze of inspiration for day dreams of all the places I would never see or visit in my lifetime. Even today, when I walk past the hoards of angry zombies stampeding out the NJ Transit Boonton line at Watchung Station, there’s a brief chill where I think, wow that could have been me.

Of course, no piece beats my all time favourite:



Every morning for as long as I can remember, my mom enjoys her coffee with the sunrise over New York and takes in those first warm rays as part of her morning rituals. No matter how hard we tried to convince Papa Scrooge not shut the heat at night, he insisted a simple hat and some wool socks could solve our winter woes and the fresh air would lead to better sleep. Even in the dead of winter on January mornings, you could feel the warmth pouring through the glass as a surrealistic shimmer of reds and oranges light up the city skyline. Going back to Glen Ridge for visit is like stepping back in time. Suffering the wrath of fine mid-century furnishings outfitted with a botanical blend of mismatched flowers, stepping through their front door is truly a portal to a world immune to time and can only be described as “coming home.” With so much talent, it’s sad that she never pursued a career in art and painting instead of the drudgeries of secretarial work, but at the age of 73 and completely sheltered from time in that old farm house, I’m almost certain her absolute best works are still to come in the years ahead.

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