seagull tiebar – fresh from the bench

Today I made a seagull tie bar out of sterling silver and added some stones to it . I used 18 gauge sterling silver, 2 x 3mm serrated bezel cups and 2 x 3mm black Onyx cabochons.

seagull19 seagull20

what else you need

jewelry saw and 1/0 saw blades

chasing tools or screw drivers, a hammer , a nylon hammer or rawhide hammer

steel wool or sandpaper if you do not have a flex shaft or dremel for polishing

a torch , flux, solder , pickle solution

patina ( liver of sulfur or black max )

seagull seagull1

draw your bird on the sheet – you can use a template or freehand designs , add a bar to make the overall length 4 inches ( this tie bar is going to be for a normal sized tie ) scale down if you want to make one for a skinny tie. Start sawing your tie bar out , when you are done sawing add some texture with the chasing tools


file all edges nice and round

seagull3 seagull4 seagull5 seagull6

Now you can start shaping your tiebar and create the “spring ” to hold it in place. Take a pen or a steel rod and bend the bird part over the bar part – the bird part being slightly longer than the backside. Turn over and bend the bar upwards with your fingers . Take the nylon hammer and hammer directly on the bend thus closing the tie bar – this way you work harden the spring and make it tight so that it will not slide of the tie.


If you want to you can now stop and finish your tie bar with the patina and polish or you can add your stones

seagull8 seagull9 seagull10 seagull11

Flux the back of your bezel cups and add a small amount of wire solder ( or sheet solder or paste solder )

Heat carefully with the torch until the solder flows . Quench in water. Flux the whole of your tie bar to avoid too much oxidation and fire scale ( I use paste solder ) put the bezel cups on the wing and start heating again very carefully by drawing circles around the wing – never stay to long in one place with the torch – the piece is small and delicate and you might end up melting either the wing or the bezel cups . Heat until the solder flows again then quench in water and throw in the Pickle solution ( never quench in the Pickle solution itself – its dangerous and stupid)

wile you wait for the pickle to do its work – eat


yummy đŸ˜‰

seagull13 seagull14 seagull15 seagull16

Take your piece out of the Pickle bath using copper tongues . Polish either with your flexshaft , dremel or sandpaper. Add Patina and polish again . The very last step is always to set the stones . Do some slight polishing with a soft cloth to get rid of any finger prints and enjoy your piece . Hope you liked it .

seagull18 seagull20 seagull19

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